Planned development

What's up next to build?

A few limitations on the current platform are slated for improvements:

  • Data entry is currently capped at < 1,000 rows per dataset; this limit will eventually be lifted

  • Datasets currently require complete (day, month, and year) date information; we will eventually implement solutions to allow user to enter data with incomplete dates

  • Dataset units will soon be customizable

  • Users will soon be allowed to change passwords and edit their profile information

  • The publishing workflow will soon be simplified

What's coming in the medium-term?

Medium-term development priorities include:

  • Direct linkages to other databases (e.g., through GenBank accessions)

  • Search and filter functionality on the map interface

  • Automated tracking of data citations by webscraping

What are some long-term goals?

Eventually, we hope to implement features like:

  • Automatic updating of taxonomic information in PHAROS as the NCBI taxonomic backbone updates

  • Integration of AI-driven tools for risk forecasts related to human or livestock health

  • An open-source developer toolkit so that the community can curate and improve PHAROS