Frequently asked questions

Can I submit data if we tested but found no pathogens?

Yes! Negative datasets are a high priority for PHAROS.

Can I submit data without longitude and latitude values?

No. PHAROS is a platform for sharing spatiotemporal data.

Can I enter locality data in non-decimal formats?

No, we do not currently support formats like degrees minutes seconds (DMS, e.g., "40° 26′ 46″ N, 79° 58′ 56″ W"). We ask that you process your records into decimal longitude and latitude before submitting.

Can I submit data without date values?

No, we do not currently support data without dates, or with incomplete dates (e.g., month and year but no day.) We may reduce the stringency of this based on future user feedback.

Is there a dataset size limitation?

At the moment our system can upload datasets of up to 1,000 rows. We are actively working on improving this, and the limit will soon be much higher. For now, if your dataset is larger than 1,000 rows, please split the dataset into smaller datasets and upload them separately, or contact us for assistance.