User agreement

By contributing data to PHAROS, you are agreeing to let a global community of scientists access your publicly-shared data without restriction. The data you deposit in PHAROS should be your own: the authorship list attached to a dataset should accurately reflect ownership, and data should only be shared with the approval of all owners. Data should be shared judiciously: researchers are accountable for taking steps to minimize biosecurity and conservation risks (e.g., rounding coordinates), or -- in cases where those risks cannot be minimized -- for not uploading those data.

By downloading data from PHAROS, you are agreeing to properly credit researchers for their contributions by including the unique identifier for your download in the main text, data availability statement, or acknowledgements of your paper. Researchers who conduct work that benefits disproportionately from a small number of specific datasets should also consider engaging data owners with an invitation to collaborate.

By participating in the community working with PHAROS, you are agreeing to conduct yourself with professionalism; to treat others without discrimination or disrespect; and to engage thoughtfully with issues around open science and data equity.